Savings Toolbox

Welcome to the Savings Dealer toolbox!

We will need to utilize the following tools to save as much money as possible. If one is missing it could mean the difference between saving a dollar and actually making a dollar (or more!) on our purchase.

  • Sunday Newspaper- Every Sunday we’re going to need to pick up a newspaper or two… or five.  My favorite place for this is Dollar Tree.  They sell the Sunday paper for $1, but keep it in mind that most Dollar Trees limit this to 3 papers per person. The most common coupon inserts are the Redplum and Smartsource.  We will get a P&G (Proctor and Gamble) insert every now and again.
  • Printer, printer ink or toner, and paper- We are going to need a printer to print printable coupons.
  • Smartphone-Hopefully we already have a smartphone.  This tool is going to truly help us get the most out of our couponing experience.  Nowadays, couponing without at least access to a smartphone, is like canoeing without a paddle.  If we have not already, it’s time to download and get familiar with these apps: Ibotta, Checkout51, Mobisave, Savingstar, and Flipp.
  • Coupon Policies- We will need to at least familiarize ourselves with the coupon policies of the stores we plan to use our coupons at.
  • Ebay Account- I’ve taken saving money a bit further into some lightweight arbitrage territory. Sometimes, if a deal is sooo good, I’ll buy and resell for profit.  This tool isn’t necessary for saving money, but I think more people would be interested in this if they got comfortable with one or more selling platforms.  I am comfortable with ebay.  I’ve been selling on ebay for almost a decade.  Throwing an item on here or there is like another household chore to me.  If this sounds appealing add or keep this one in the toolbox.
  • Organization- We are going to need to stay as organized as possible! It’s easier said than done, I know, but we need to try.  I’m guilty of getting my inserts mixed up. I also have old expired coupon books that need to be recycled hanging around. So it doesn’t mean much coming from me!  Everyone will develop their own methods as they go.  I don’t think you can teach anyone this sort of thing.  It’s whatever works for the individual.  But I will share that keeping my coupons separated by store trip (in labeled baggies or ziplocs) and having detailed lists ready before my trip is helpful for me.
  • I’m going to be posting real time deals right here at  Check back often and have your toolbox ready!