In Couponing What is a Filler Item?

A filler item is simply a cheap item you purchase to “fill” in a transaction in order to make it possible to use all the intended coupons for a deal scenario.

Have you ever received a Catalina coupon (long slip that prints from Catalina machine and is handed to you with your receipt) for a certain amount off anything in the store? Sometimes these are manufacturer coupons. You’re never going to see scenarios where you can use 2 manufacturer coupons on a single item. But since your Catalina is ok to use on ANY item in the store you can simply buy a filler item that will allow you to use your Catalina along with the manufacturer coupon(s) for the original item(s) in your transaction. This makes it possible for you to completely utilize your coupons.

Scenario using filler item example:

You have a $10 Catalina Coupon from a Manufacturer that’s good on anything in the store. You want to buy 4 packs of diapers, but you also have (4) $2 off manufacturer coupons for the diapers. In order to use all 5 coupons (your $10 Catalina AND all your $2 off coupons) on 4 packs of diapers you will need a filler item to make it so that there are not more manufacturer coupons than there are items.  So instead of not using one of your $2 off coupons, you “fill” your transaction with a $.50 cent candy bar. This filler item helped you save $1.50, because it allowed you to use your $2 off coupon, and you received the filler item (candy bar) for FREE.

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