Quick Guide to Earning with the Fetch Rewards App

Quick Guide to Earning with the Fetch Rewards App

So what in the world is Fetch?  With the Fetch Rewards app you will earn points for scanning your receipts.  It’s actually that simple.  There are particular brands and offers that will “fetch” you points on each receipt you submit. There’s no need to unlock anything beforehand. You can submit receipts blindly with Fetch so there’s very little effort involved. Every 1,000 points=$1.  You can redeem your points for e gift cards and other rewards after a small 3,000 point ($3) threshold has been reached.

There are 3 ways points are earned:

  1. Special Offers: Under the ‘Special Offers’ tab in the app there’s a list that’s updated every so often with specific items and specified point amounts you will earn for purchasing them.
  2. Brands: Under the ‘Brands’ tab in the app there’s a very large amount of brands (currently 188 total) that will fetch you points if any purchase from that brand is made.  It’s organized into categories for your convenience.  Earn points on the brands here every time they’re on your receipt! 

The first time I used the app I blindly submitted a receipt (not even knowing about the brands part of it) and earned points because I happened to purchase a product from one of the brands offered. So you really can just submit every receipt and hope for the best (receipt must be no older than 14 days old)!  You don’t even need to know what you’re doing to earn money with this app!  Just take a picture of your receipt and let Fetch “fetch” your points for you.  But all the brands and special offers are available for your reference so you may plan your shopping trip accordingly if you wish.

3. Referrals: When you download Fetch Rewards and use a referral code you will receive 1,500 2,000 pts after completing your first receipt!  You will also be given your own referral code to share with others. When others use your referral code to get started, you’ll receive 1,500 2,000 pts and they’ll receive 1,500 2,000 pts, too!  There is no cap on how much you can earn with referrals!

Get the Fetch Rewards app now and copy and paste referral code: VM0EH to get the 1,500 2,000 points! We plan to feature deals using the Fetch App here at Savingsdealer.com. So be sure to check back often!


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