7 Most Worthwhile Survey Platforms-Make the Most Money for Your Time

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to earn money taking surveys. Surveys are EVERYWHERE!  That’s because our opinions as consumers are extremely valuable.  There are survey questions between videos on YouTube, on receipts, at the end of customer service calls, and even at gas pumps!  If you’ve never taken surveys to earn money before, and this is something you’re interested in, then you’ve hit the jackpot!  We’ve narrowed an enormous list of platforms down to just 7 of what we feel are the most worthwhile.  It’s a good idea to take surveys from multiple platforms to maximize your earning potential.  Don’t limit yourself to just one or you could seriously miss out on a lot of offers and additional earning opportunities.  A short survey that pays a dollar can often lead to more offers, usually upon the completion of the survey, that pay a whole lot more than a buck!  If you’re going to take surveys at all you might as well do what you can to earn as much as possible.  We recommend that you completely utilize this list for maximum earning potential.  We sifted and here’s what was left to get you started:

  1. Quickthoughts App-  Quickthoughts will allow you to take surveys directly from your smartphone.  On Android, Quickthoughts pays out in Amazon gift codes (it may be different for apple) once you’ve reached a $10 threshold.  Each survey usually pays $1.00 a piece, so it doesn’t take long to make $10.  Some surveys are as short as 1 minute to complete. But I’d say the average length of the surveys we’ve been offered has been somewhere around 15 minutes. Once you’ve reached the $10 threshold you can claim your Amazon gift code instantly! After taking Quickthoughts surveys, we have been asked to partake further for larger than usual incentives several times.  We once participated in a phone survey about toddler feeding habits, and received $40 in the mail.  $10 in cash for accepting the offer along with things we needed to participate.  Then a $30 check for participating in the phone survey.  The phone survey only took 15 minutes!  Sometimes there’s even paid shopping trips or “missions” on Quickthoughts.  We got paid $20 to go down the street to our local Family Dollar store and take a picture of a candy endcap!  Easiest 20 bucks ever!  Note: 2 people are allowed to download and use the Quickthoughts app per household.  Download Quickthoughts on 2 devices to increase survey offers and earning potential! If you prefer to take Quickthoughts surveys from your desktop you can at quickthoughtsapp.com.  Another thing to keep in mind (taken from Quickthoughts FAQs): “If you have redeemed $600 or more in a calendar year with us, we are required to report these earnings. At your $600 redemption point, we will require tax identification information, before we allow you to cash out.”
  2. iPoll- iPoll has an app you can download to answer surveys straight from your mobile device or you can take surveys from your desktop if you prefer. It’s a little similar to Quickthoughts, but the threshold is $25 instead of only $10. Most surveys typically offer a $.50 cent incentive, but we wouldn’t recommend you skip trying iPoll just yet! There’s the option to redeem your incentives for paypal funds!  Amazon gift codes are nice and all, but they will not pay the bills!
  3. Pinecone Research Panel Our favorite thing about Pinecone Research is that they pay $3 per survey and we’ve never been disqualified for one yet!  They just added Paypal as a payment option, and there’s always been the option of paper check by mail.  There is no threshold!  Get a $3 check in the mail if you want to.  You will receive offers by e-mail and the surveys are excellent quality.  The length of these surveys is incredibly short for the $3 incentive.  Occasionally they will ask you to test out products and pay for your opinion.  Pinecone Research  is currently taking panelists.  Here is a form to apply for US residents.
  4. Swagbucks- We can’t say enough about Swagbucks. It is increasing in popularity and for good reason!  There are so many ways to earn on here!  One one we love is the ‘answer’ area for taking surveys.  Similar to Quickthoughts and iPoll, each survey offer will tell you about how long the survey will take to complete in minutes, and how much it will pay.  Swagbucks surveys pay you in Swagbucks and 1 Swagbuck=$.01 cent.  The pay for surveys ranges anywhere from $.50 cents (50 Swagbucks) to $5 (500 Swagbucks) per survey (sometimes more).  You can cash Swagbucks out for Paypal funds or gift cards at as low as $5!  We’ve been made offers to participate in follow up assignments from Swagbucks surveys plenty of times. We were offered $35 to participate in a focus group from a desktop computer for 90 minutes, and we’ve been offered over $200 for a 60 minute phone survey about credit cards.  The earning potential is limitless!  What’s nice is there are multiple surveys listed to choose from at Swagbucks.  Quickthoughts and iPoll only usually offer one survey at a time.
  5. Nicequest– This survey platform is a little different.  The surveys at Nicequest pay you in ‘shells’.  You can then redeem those shells for gift cards or other rewards.  You can also enter drawings for big prizes.  There aren’t usually a lot of survey offers from Nicequest. But the reason it makes this list is because the quality of the surveys are excellent and take very little time. You won’t have too much time if you’re utilizing this entire list anyway, but Nicequest compliments the rest of these platforms nicely (lol). Sign up is by invitation only, but you can go to a form to sign up for Nicequest here.
  6. MyPoints MyPoints is very similar to Swagbucks because you can earn points for making purchases, completing offers, watching videos, and of course, taking surveys.  But it’s not as easy to pinpoint the cash value of each point.  To give you an idea, a $3 Amazon gift code will cost you 480 points.  The survey platform is set up just like Swagbucks.  You have multiple surveys to choose from, and each one lists the time it takes to complete, and how much it pays.  Right now the highest offer on there is 450 points and the lowest is 80 points.
  7. Cash Pirate– Cash Pirate is an app for Android that allows you to earn money by trying new apps and games.  In addition to this, there are survey offers within the app under ‘trial pay’.  Our favorite platform to use is Tap Research. Cash Pirate pays you in coins.  1,000 coins=$1 USD.  Tap Research surveys pay 300 coins ($.30 cents) for shorter surveys, and 500 coins ($.50 cents) for ‘super surveys’.  US users can redeem Cash Pirate coins for a Paypal payout or a number of different gift cards.  The threshold is only 2500 coins ($2.50) and redemption is usually very quick (sometimes instant).  Download Cash Pirate and use referral code QFTZKW to receive 500 bonus coins.

There are so many places to take paid surveys! But this a very nice list to get you going.  If you are already taking surveys, and you see one on this list you’ve never tried, we recommend you do so. Whether you need a few extra bucks, or are struggling to make ends meet, taking surveys will help out! You definitely have nothing to lose.

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