New Ibotta Feature For Lazy and Busy Couponers

Ibotta has strategically made themselves the cherry on top of the Prime Day Sundae.

I’m not always the most organized couponer.  I have months worth of Sunday newspaper inserts all mixed up and stored in an old box that once housed an Amazon prime order. *SMH*  There’s expired coupons all over my purse, car, and house! Thanks to the modern age of couponing, I’ve come to appreciate the convenience of “paperless couponing” with rebate apps.  But this contributes to the fact that I have as many receipts scattered everywhere as there are expired coupons!  I need to get organized.
With all the things that went on last holiday weekend, I didn’t make time to redeem my rebates as soon as I should’ve.  And guess what?  I missed out on some cashback from Checkout51! 🙁  It was a looooong weekend, and I waited way too long to submit my receipts.  But I was able to still redeem my ibotta rebates.  I am grateful for that.  Along the way I made a new discovery in the app.  I haven’t taken the time to explore it since ibotta’s updated version came out.  There are some nice features and I will include my find in this list.

Ibotta features for the busy, forgetful, or just plain lazy couponer:

    1. MISSING BARCODE HACK- Did you already use or consume the item that qualifies for the ibotta rebate? Did you also throw out the packaging? DON’T YOU DARE throw out that receipt!  This hack is what inspired this post.  I bought some beer for a get together we hosted for the 4th of the July weekend.  We drank the beer, of course. But we didn’t just throw out the box. We burned it! This might have been a problem before, and perhaps this isn’t truly a hack to some of you at all.  I’ve been using ibotta a long time, and never noticed that there was a way around this issue until now.  So I’m going to go out on a limb and assume there are others here that don’t know a way around it, either.  If this applies to you, or you just don’t feel like digging stuff out of the pantry to scan barcodes, then here’s what you need to do: a.) Unlock your rebate like you normally would. b.) Choose the store. c.) Take a picture of your receipt or scan the QR code. d.) After you’ve selected your item, and you get to the part where you need to scan the item’s barcode, go to the top right hand corner of the screen and tap the ‘?’.  It will pull up a screen where you can manually type in the product barcode. I can’t tell you the relief I felt to hear that “beep!” after I manually entered the code for the beer.Note: For receipts like Walmart’s, the barcode or UPC number will be listed next to the item right there on the receipt.  Can’t get any simpler than that, right?  Or you may need to do a simple search for the item’s barcode/UPC number through a search engine.  This is a great feature for the lazy ibotta user or busy mom type, like me.  I’ll do the extra tapping to search for the barcode if necessary. Rummaging through the refrigerator after my groceries are put away is just a huge pain.  I have 3 small children. These kids demand my attention as soon as I start to pull up the driveway from a shopping trip. Getting the stuff put away through all the crying and questions is a fantastic accomplishment. Trying to scan barcodes on top of all that is a major chore! I love that this is now an option (at least it’s a new one to me)!
    2. SCAN AND FIND REBATE- Do you ever have buyers remorse after making purchases you didn’t carefully plan for? There’s only so much time in the day, but I am definitely the type to take the time to save money.  Carefully planning your shopping trips is essential to saving.  But if you’re ever in a serious hurry, (like we were last weekend) and need to sweep through a store to do a quick grab and go, consider using the scan and find rebate feature on ibotta.  You can scan items as you go through the store, of course. However, that will take some time if you’re in a hurry.  Let’s say you accompanied a friend or relative to the store for a quick trip, and you had to watch in horror as they paid full retail prices. Being able to demonstrate the benefits of your frugal lifestyle just became a whole lot easier than finding that clipped coupon in your purse you just know you had. When you tap to search for a rebate in ibotta there’s a little barcode symbol on the right of the text bar.  Tap that and you can scan any barcode to search for ibotta rebates.  See something on clearance while browsing that you just know you saw a rebate for?  Scan it!  There’s so many ways this feature would come in handy.
    3. MOBILE IN-APP PURCHASES- I have to admit that I wasn’t especially excited about this feature at first.  I use other cashback vendors like Ebates and Swagbucks, so this is nothing new under the sun.  But I am a frequent Amazon Prime shopper, and if you also use Ebates or Swagbucks, I’m sure you’ve noticed the cashback for Amazon is always incredibly low (1% or nothing at all).  There are offers as high as 5% on ibotta right now!  With Prime Day approaching, this is going to be a nice little snippet off your final price.  Ibotta has strategically made themselves the cherry on top of the Prime Day Sundae.  If you are not a Prime Member, I envy you.  The benefit is that you can buy a year membership today and get a $20 Amazon gift card from ibotta for doing so through them.  If you aren’t an ibotta member either, then you are well on your way to pocketing an additional $10 just for signing up and redeeming your first rebate (note: you need to redeem your first rebate within 7 days of signing up to receive the welcome bonus and “any item” or “any brand” rebates don’t qualify for bonuses)!  So you’re looking at $30 total back for purchasing your year of Amazon Prime through ibotta.  Plus you have all the rebates to look forward to (including Amazon rebates) after getting established.  The highest I’m seeing for Amazon cashback on there now is 5% and that may increase. It increased from 3% to 5% recently.  The closest I’ve found to this deal so far is from MyPoints.  They are offering 5 points per dollar spent on Amazon and a $15 gift card for buying a year of Prime.  It’s a no brainer, really. Ibotta takes the cake on this one. Sign up for ibotta asap and get the $10 Welcome Bonus when you sign up through this link and redeem your first rebate.  Then go on to get $30 total for purchasing a year of Amazon Prime and additional money back for your Amazon Prime purchases! HURRY UP! Prime Day is TOMORROW!!  The busiest and laziest couponers, shop at home! 🙂

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