Make Extra Bucks For Taking Surveys! Join the CVS Advisor Panel

Update #2 (7/2): You can only use ONE of these survey rewards PER TRANSACTION!  I took both of mine to CVS today and neither I, nor the cashier knew this, and we scanned them both.  We had to void and redo the transactions separately.  Then their system didn’t want to take either one, because once these are scanned, they are very hard to send through.  With the help of a manager we were able to get them sent through.  Everyone was grateful for the learning experience! 🙂   Shows how important it is to read the fine print! 

Update: I was just offered another survey (took my first one yesterday) today and earned another $10 in Extrabucks Rewards!  I now have $20 total for my next shopping trip at CVS!  Each survey only took me a few minutes to complete.

You can sign up here and join the CVS Advisor Panel to start receiving survey offers in your inbox to earn Extra Bucks Rewards!  I just took one last night that took less than 5 minutes and earned $10 in Extra Bucks! This is awesome!


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